Nikola Tesla - Man of Lightning
Live Electrical Stage Show DVD

Nikola Tesla Electrical Stage Show DVD Video now Available

( The fine print: What you get, and how to get it. )

We have received several requests for a copy of our live electrical stage show based on the life of Nikola Tesla. Our performances were held at the Big Bear Lake Performing Arts Center. With this in mind we had the May 27th 2012 show filmed in front of a live audience by our friend Rick Keppler. This one hour and twenty minute DVD video includes many high voltage demonstrations including: Jacobs Ladders, Plasma Tube, Arcing Wheel, Lightning Screen, Repulsion Coil, and many Tesla Coil experiments. It stars Owen Phairis as Nikola Tesla and Katherine Frese as Katharine Johnson and takes place in 1939 when Tesla is 83 years old. The price for the DVD video is $ 17.00 plus $ 3.00 shipping and handling. For a limited time and included at no extra cost is a second DVD showing how we set the stage and the video is a time lapse sequence of 2 hours setup time condensed into a short 5 minute video. So, for $ 20.00 US currency you get the 2 DVDs shipped to your door by US mail. NO foreign orders accepted at this time. We do NOT accept paypal or credit cards so please don't ask. We gladly accept personal checks and also money orders, or cash if you are in the Big Bear Lake area. Please make out checks to Owen Phairis and mail to the address below and allow a couple of weeks for delivery after we receive your check. If you include your email address we will notify you when we have received your check and also when we put your DVDs in the mail to you. Should you live in California we will pay the state sales tax for you. Proceeds will go to help support the 'Planetarium Projector and Science Museum.'

THANKS! - * Owen & Katherine *

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